UK Driving and Totting Bans

Totting Up Points Driving in the UK

It has never been easier for motorists to accumulate 12 points or more totting up offence penalties driving in the United Kingdom.

With 3 points as a standard penalty for speeding & over 7000 cameras policing the stringent limits that exist, it is increasingly easy to find yourself collecting points on your driving licence.

You will also be fined if you are found guilty of an offence and this can sometimes depend on how much you earn.

There is an argument that drivers should be free to focus on looking where they are going and paying attention to other road users. Instead of this, we currently have nervous drivers focused on their speedometer rather than the road ahead, especially during long constant speed sections of road such as roadworks on motorways.

You initially have 12 points available on your driving licence. For the first two years after you pass your driving test, you only have 6 points you can collect before your licence will be revoked and you will be required to retake your driving test before you are allowed back on the road.

Totting Up

Once you reach 12 points you will be given a 6 month totting up driving ban and won’t be allowed to drive. There are a few defences that you can use to defend your licence, but these usually require professional assistance if they are going to succeed for you.

No insurance offences attract 6 points meaning that if you are a new driver, getting caught without valid car insurance will cost you your licence.

Totting up is increasingly common and there are many thousands of drivers who are still permitted to drive, despite having 12 or more points. This is because magistrates have some leaway with regard to “exceptional hardship” arguments which if you qualify may well give you a lifeline even after passing the 12 point threshold.