Solar Lighting

Solar Lighting Technology

The technology behind solar powered lighting and indeed other solar powered devices has advanced enormously in recent years. In the UK we have weather that doesn’t lend itself to solar power generation.

Solar panels used, until recently to require direct sunlight in order to be able to harvest energy, but in the last few years, panels have advanced and daylight is all that is required, so it no longer matters that it is cloudy all day!

The only proviso is that with  global marketplace it’s easy to buy lighting from abroad that was designed to be used in sunnier locations. These panels are cheaper to produce and while you may think you are making a cost saving with your purchase, your lights won’t be able to collect enough energy in normal UK daylight hours to be able to work well for you.

Most larger importers are responsible and only import suitable lights that are optimized to work here.

A set of good quality lights will be able to harvest enough electricity even on the shortest winters day to keep your lights on all night.

In addition to the quality of the panel, the quality of the batteries used also have a big impact on lights performance, especially over time.

Pay a little more and make sure that your lights are UK specification and you will get years of reliable use from them.