Solar Lighting

Solar Lighting Technology

The technology behind solar powered lighting and indeed other solar powered devices has advanced enormously in recent years. In the UK we have weather that doesn’t lend itself to solar power generation.

Solar panels used, until recently to require direct sunlight in order to be able to harvest energy, but in the last few years, panels have Continue reading “Solar Lighting”

Secure Online Shopping

Staying Safe On The Internet

It seems like hardly a day passes without news breaking of hackers stealing passwords & personal details online. Often from large online shopping providers, very few seem ammune.

This is no reason to shun the internet as a whle however, as while it may be big news when it happens, and can be troubling for those involved, there are a few things that you can do to Continue reading “Secure Online Shopping”

How To Create High Value Backlinks

Building Backlinks That Work for SEO

For all of Google changes to their ranking algorithms, there is one constant that will help or harm your Google traffic flows….. backlinks.

Backlinks are links from other sites, pointing to pages of your site.

Each backlink passes two important signals to the page that it links to; trust/authority & Continue reading “How To Create High Value Backlinks”

UK Driving and Totting Bans

Totting Up Points Driving in the UK

It has never been easier for motorists to accumulate 12 points or more totting up offence penalties driving in the United Kingdom.

With 3 points as a standard penalty for speeding & over 7000 cameras policing the stringent limits that exist, it is increasingly easy to find yourself collecting points on your driving licence.

You will also be fined if you are found guilty of an offence and this can Continue reading “UK Driving and Totting Bans”